7 Reasons for subscribing Pasls to empower your Online Store

Pasls is an ecommerce as a service based in Nepal. It helps businesses to take their store to the cloud in minutes. No programming knowledge required, provides readymade integration with major payment gateways, seamless integration with social media and provides a fully featured backoffice to help businesses expand their sales channel and build online presence. With 4 days free trial you could explore almost all the features provided by the platform. There could be so many reasons to get Pasls subscription to empower your e-commerce store, among them I'm going to express 7 reasons for subcribing Pasls.

Multiple Channel Support

    Pasls provides multiple channel support for your online store. In the modern world of e-commerce your website is no longer the only point of sale for your goods. Channel model represents a single sales channel, which can be one of the following things:

  • Webstore
  • Mobile application
  • Cashier in your physical store

Or pretty much any other channel type you can imagine.

What may differ between channels? Particularly anything from your shop configuration:

  • products,
  • currencies,
  • locales (language),
  • countries,
  • themes,
  • hostnames,
  • taxes,
  • payment and shipping methods,
  • menu.

Order entry from the dashboard

    An amazing feature provided by Pasls platform is manual order creation from your store's admin panel. In some cases like Facebook messenger orders or orders from a direct call by customer, it could be hard to manage order history in notepads or excel sheets. It may affect your inventory / sales reports and hence overall your business ecosystem. Pasls keep in mind that and developed a feature to create an order directly from the store's dashboard. You can add products with quantity, shipping address, customer details, payment details in a single form and create orders manually. Isn't it seems amazing?

Payment methods by shipping zones

    You could make all payment options to customers from different zones. In some scenario making all payment methods may not be feasible. Suppose you want only accept both COD and Cash from inside Kathmandu valley orders but Cash from customers from all over Nepal, It is easily configurable.

Almost All payment gateways support

    Pasls had integrated almost all the online payment providers from Nepal. It also had integrated card payment gateways for the global customers. You just have to become merchant of those payment gateways which ever suitable for your store and get configurations detail and enable the gateway at Pasls.

SMS Marketing

    You could boost your sales at Pasls with its SMS marketing tool. It is very helpful to boost your sales. It could be a great tool for your store to make your customers informed of new products, offers at the very cheapest rates. 

Easy Promotions

    Wanna give offers to your customers? You could create promotions with a variety of rules and configurations at Pasls. The system of Promotions in Pasls is really flexible. It is a combination of promotion rules and actions.

Inventory Management

    At least at the end of the day, you may want to know your inventory details for future plans. At Pasls you could manage the inventory of your all SKU's. The inventory report will show you the quantities of each item in your hand.