Bahramase Jharna Visit

Bahramase could be one of the best escapes for peoples around Kanchanpur. It is a one-day itinerary and an adventurous one. 

Last year during lockdown due to coronavirus, I went home. Exploring places is one of my passion. I heard of Bahramase Jharna frequently and the pathway to it is very adventurous. I decide to visit the place and planned to go along with my brother and his friends.

I enjoyed it a lot from the begging of the journey to the destination. Here are some pics captured at the destination:


If it strikes in your mind what is the meaning of Bahramase Jharna here it is.

बाह्रमासे (Bahramase) = Plants that bloom throughout the year. 

झरना (Jharana)= Waterfall.

How could you reach there?

As there is no roadway and define route yet we followed our own. We followed Bhramadev Khola to reach the destination which is a very dangerous way to get there. Many large slippery stones make our journey very difficult. There is another way to get there first reach Jhilmila lake a popular lake in Farwest Nepal and from there you can find a way to Bahramase which I get to know from villagers after few days.