Rudra's first day at school | Rudra Bhatta

Rudra's first day at school | Rudra Bhatta

Rudra's first day at school was awesome. His first day at school was a completely new experience for him. It is because the atmosphere completely changes for any child. You always stay in the comfort and safety of your own home.

However, your first day at school opens door to unknown experiences and opportunities. Much like any other child, he was also scared on his first day. He remember clearly not letting go of his mother’s hand, hesitant to go in the classroom.

On his first day, he got up excited and put on his uniform for the first time. The feeling it gave him was so memorable, he can never forget it. As it was his first day, both his parents went to drop him off.

He remember seeing the classroom full of little children. Some crying while the others playing with others. He looked at his mother and gave her the look that he didn’t want them to leave. They had to go so he  kept crying but eventually, his teacher consoled him.

Once he settled in the class, he talked with the other kids and started playing with them. The colorful walls of the classroom fascinated him a lot. They got many toys to play with so it all the other kids also got distracted and stopped crying.

His Advantages was that his home was nearer to Aarambha Montessori. Thus, his first day at school was really pleasant. It fills him with pride when he look back at it and share his experience with others. He feel his first day helped him become confident in school.